About The Band

Laura Benward - Guitar, Vocals

Laura was born in San Francisco and began her musical "career" at age 6 on WNLK in Norwalk, Connecticut where she sang on a Sunday morning program. The family home was always full of music as she was growing up. She would sing a-cappella with her mother and remembers dancing around the living room with her father to the music of Al Jolson, Perry Como, Mitch Miller, Andy Williams and Peggy Lee.

The family moved to Montreal when she was 12. There Laura received her first guitar, taught herself to play and faithfully studied the music of The Beatles, Simon and Garfunkel, Judy Collins, Joan Baez, Joni Mitchell and Peter, Paul and Mary. At 14 she was asked to play for her father’s company Christmas party and his request was Puff The Magic Dragon.

When she was 15 the family moved to England where she discovered "busking" in the London Underground. The music of Petula Clark and Cilla Black became her new style. She made regular treks to sing in the city from her boarding school until a family friend spotted her with her guitar and a case full of coins ending that career.

At 18 they moved back to the US where she became involved in musicals, light opera and folk performances. A new Martin guitar from her Dad for her 21st birthday led to entertaining at college festivals once opening for the band "Aztec Two Step". In 1975 she sang Danny&s Song on TV for the College Girl of the Year competition with Dick Clark as the MC.

As much as Laura loves musical theater where she has spent many years playing a multitude of roles, the American traditional and folk music has always been her "heart music". She is married with two beautiful and talented daughters who have always been her inspiration on every level.

At their home near San Francisco she and her husband John frequently bring music to shut-ins, care centers for at risk children, the Veteran’s home in San Francisco, Oakland’s Children’s Hospital, UCSF Medical Center and more. They find folk music is the music of the soul and something magical that warms and heals. Whenever they perform any Peter, Paul and Mary songs there is always a sing-along.

"This is a natural for me - and an honor to be doing my part to keep the music and the magic alive! John and I have built an outdoor stage at our CA home in the trees. We will often spend our Sundays - just a pickin’ and a singin’! Life is good and we are grateful. I am thrilled to be a part of this new musical family with William and Tim"

Tim Crosby - Guitar, Mandolin, Banjo, Fiddle, Vocals

Tim has a knack for playing pretty much any instrument with strings. His finger picking musical skills add a unique dimension to The Vintage Singers where his baritone voice is enhanced by guitar, banjo, mandolin and fiddle.

Born in Colorado, Tim recalls many evenings sitting in the swing outside his home with his sister singing all the hit folk songs of the day. He began playing guitar at a young age and graduated to 12 string guitar while still in High School.

While enrolled in a Colorado college he began playing in a band with some friends. In their second year they all transferred to Willamette University in Oregon and continued to play and perform at various events.

Over the years Tim has performed as lead singer and a member of several Oregon-based folk and bluegrass bands, including a 30-plus year run with the Oregon trio "Briarose".

In addition to being a member of "The Vintage Singers" Tim currently performs with the successful Oregon bluegrass band "Kathy Boyd and Phoenix Rising". He is also a songwriter with many folk and bluegrass songs to his credit.

In 2008 he was a top-five Roots Music Association nominee for Songwriter of the Year in the bluegrass category for his song Western Girl, the true story of his grandparents’ ranch romance.

Tim and his wife and childhood sweetheart Cindy live in Corvallis, Oregon where he is a music instructor and part-time lecturer at a local community college. His musical talent has earned him sponsorships from Eastman Mandolins, Black Diamond Strings, Super-Sensitive Strings, Gold-Tone Banjos and Uptown Music.

William Florian - Guitar, Vocals

Once, a math teacher wanted to take William’s guitar away until his grades improved. Fortunately his mother didn’t agree. William went on to record a hit album with some high school buddies. He then performed as a solo performer at a variety of local clubs near his Connecticut home.

An unwanted album he received through the Columbia House Record Club ignited William’s interest in the music of Peter, Paul and Mary. Failing to send the album back it sat on his dresser where he claimes the cover photo of Mary Travers looked better and better as he got older.

In the 1970’s, William and his younger sister, Nanette, took their act on the road. During this tour they met the famous &Quot;New Christy Minstrels". They were invited to join and William sang lead for the group. Both William and his sister Nanette toured with the group singing those favorite hit songs, This Land Is Your Land, Today, and Green Green.

Later William enjoyed a successful solo musical career that included his album "Counting on You", several published songs, and an award from the American Song Festival for writing You Touch me Again. During the 90’s William co-established the southern California based band "The Mountain Folk Singers", writing, performing and producing their albums for 10 years.

In addition to being a member of "The Vintage Singers" William also performs his 60’s show ‘Those Were The Days’ for community concerts, performing arts, corporate and senior events, banquets, parties, clubs, fairs, and festivals across the US and in many countries.

William is known as the ‘American Musical Ambassador Of Peace’. His love for the music of the 60’s shines through as he mesmerizes audiences with his amusing and heart warming show. Performing the songs he sang as a lead singer of "The New Christy Minstrels", plus the songs of Peter Paul & Mary, John Denver, The Mamas And The Papas, and others as well as uplifting originals including his internationally popular I'm Declaring Peace.

William and his wife Christine currently call Sebastopol, CA their home. His solo show and his participation with "The Vintage Singers" reminds us that ‘peace and love’ and great songs with inspiring lyric content are as important now to the audiences as they were in the 60’s.

Bethany Lynn - Guitar, Vocals

Bethany Lynn joined the band in July 2013 as a backup vocalist and will appear as a lead singer whenever Laura is not available. Bethany grew up in the rural Willamette Valley in Oregon with a sister and two brothers. She always loved to sing and her transistor radio was her constant companion from the age of 9. Her parents played piano, guitar and mandolin and she has fond memories of the songs from The Fireside Songbook and Burl Ives.

As a young girl, Bethany took piano lessons and played clarinet in the school band, but at age 14, she taught herself how to play the guitar and soon made her debut at a local Coffee House. Peter, Paul & Mary & Joan Baez were very popular at that time, and she learned all the songs she could from them and other folk artists, like Donovan, Bob Dylan, and later, John Denver.

Bethany has been writing her own songs since she was a teenager and has recorded a CD of original music, each one inspired by her own life experiences, whether its the exhilaration of travel, the gut-wrenching drama (and fun) of internet dating, or quiet inner reflections.

While wintering in Mexico, Bethany sang regularly in two restaurants each week and has also done benefit concerts, weddings, parties, and ‘busking’, She enjoys a wide range of music, from melancholy, to fun, to the slightly irreverent. Her performances have included country, contemporary and blues, but folk music has always been her first love, so The Vintage Singers is a perfect fit!

Home is currently a small cabin in the woods above Concrete, Washington, where Bethany lives with her partner, Tom. They enjoy living simply in the quiet of the forest where her music can often be heard from their campfire.

Paul Myers - Guitar, Vocals
Paul joined the band in August 2013 as a backup vocalist and will appear as a lead singer when William Florian is not available. Paul was born into a very artistic and musical family in the Willamette Valley near Portland, Oregon. His parents and older siblings all played musical instruments and loved to sing. On of his favorite memories of his mother, who played piano and mandolin is of her singing “The Teddy Bear’s Picnic.” Dad played guitar and sang folk songs about the Erie Canal, John Henry and Frozen Loggers in a deep bass voice. He never knew it, but he was Paul’s greatest inspiration as a musician.

As teenagers his two older sisters picked up the family guitar and learned to play and sing the folk songs that were popular in his youth. These included a healthy dose of Peter Paul & Mary tunes such as “Blowin’ In The Wind’, ‘Stewball”, and “500 Miles.”

Paul learned to play the clarinet and tenor sax in school, but his interests were not limited to music. He was a three sport athlete and began courting a certain beautiful young lady. He married his high school sweetheart in 1975 and they are still together. Paul sang bass in church choir but didn’t really begin to blossom as a musician until he taught himself to play the old ‘family’ guitar in his second year of college where he learned to finger pick from a Peter, Paul & Mary songbook. While he wrote and performed some songs in his church, the terror of performing solo dampened his enthusiasm.

Graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Education Paul started teaching mathematics in a public high school and coaching baseball. After several changes of occupation he took a position as an Assistant Pastor in a church where one of his primary duties was as the music man. With no formal training in music Paul soon found himself directing the church band. The experience helped him solidify his guitar skills, grow comfortable before a crowd and teach himself to play keyboard.

In 1998 Paul and his family relocated to Castle Rock, Colorado - where they reside to this day - to plant a new church. While he was successful in forming the new congregation which continued to involve music Paul learned that leading a church was not a comfortable role for him and so he returned to teaching once again.

Today Paul teaches mathematics in High School. He dotes on his grown children, their partners and three grandchildren. When the family gathers there will always be time when the guitar comes out and music fills the house as the grandchildren dance and scream in delight!

As a member of The Vintage Singers, Paul has the marvelous opportunity to sing again with his sister, Bethany, and to perform some of the wonderful music he grew up with. While Paul’s musical tastes and styles are many and varied, it could be said that Peter, Paul & Mary were among his first and most significant influences. It is an honor and rare privilege to have the opportunity to perform this music live and in great company.

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